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Dr. Barton's Class Support Page


Welcome to my series of pages linking my Kent State University Courses in SPED.  This includes the online content for my face-to-face classes as well as content for my web enabled classes.

 Doc B

Class Wiki

Each of my classes makes use of a class wiki.  The wiki is a collaborative tool that you might think of as an on-line discussion and information-sharing tool.

The purpose of the class wiki is to generate information and benefit from the collaboration process.  Each of you will write something for each week of class .

Please read the comments of others before drafting your comment.  There is so much information in each week’s content and the associated materials that you should have no problem being original in your posting.


Research management software (free)

If you use Firefox as a browser or have a Mac:  Zotero, has just released a major upgrade to version 4.0 which permits sharing Zotero research information across all your computers (sync) as well as collaboration tools to find others with your interests and archiving (trust me, it’ll make your life as a student much easier).


Dr. Barton - Professor of Special Education at Kent State University